Belt it

The trusty belt has gone from a necessity to an accessory. Once upon a time the belt (big and leathery) was used to hold up an old pair of jeans but now it seems, it is a ‘born again’ accessory breathing life into an outfit.

At La Novia, and more specifically Liliana Dabic Couture, we are noticing that more and more brides are looking to add a belt to the dress. It could be a sash to add a splash of colour to the proceedings or a decorative piece to jazz up the wedding dress for an evening disco.

Another way a belt can be a fail-safe accessory is if you are buying a sample dress. In this day and age budgets are usually smaller than they once were and brides are finding sample dresses, are a great way to get that ‘it’ dress at a bargain price. If you do find yourselves buying a sample dress, which is maybe a bit simpler than you had hoped…then why don’t you just belt it? Add an ornate, decorative or colourful belt to a dress and you literally change its whole personally.

At La Novia we are more than happy to give you a consultation and make up a bespoke belt that can be a stunning accessory to be worn all day. Drop us a line anytime.