Happy birthday La Novia!

As a bridal designer celebrating a milestone anniversary is always very special. 2016 marks our 20 year anniversary as a business based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Over the decades a lot has changed in the studio, I’ve enjoyed looking back and reflecting on what we have achieved over the years.

Working with brides is exciting and challenging. Designing bridal wear for unique personalities constantly drives innovation and new ideas. The past 20 years have been nothing short of amazing!

The bridal industry has changed dramatically from when I opened my first store based in Morningside. Brides are far more aware of fashion and trends, they’re not afraid to experiment with new concepts and that keeps us on our toes. Each season I introduce new fabrics and details to ensure we continue to inspire. It’s an absolute joy to meet and work so closely with our brides; it’s an incredible journey for both of us.

The elements which are essential in my designs and what I’ve strived to perfect over the years is the finish and quality of my gowns. Working with a close knit team ensures each bridal gown is made entirely by hand. Brides love this personal touch and can feel the difference, this is so important to me. Our design studio is located at our Queen Street boutique which means I can be involved in the entire process. I look forward to seeing where the next 20 years takes us…

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