Why should you get a made to measure wedding dress

Why should you get a made to measure wedding dress? Luxury, quality, perfect fit, comfort, exclusivity – when I ask real brides what they are looking for when searching for their gown, these words tend to come up the most. A bespoke dress will secure a tick beside all these words (and more).

Let’s be honest, most wedding dresses are beautiful in their own way, but what will make you stand out and feel 10/10 is having something that is the exact fit and perfect cut, allowing you to wear the dress – not the other way round.

At La Novia, we know that standard sizes do not fit all brides-to-be the same way, two women can have completely different body shapes yet still both be a size 12, starting a dress from scratch means every centimetre is scrutinised to only fit you. Having your bridal dress made by a designer who specialises in couture, will guarantee perfection in specific areas that otherwise may go unnoticed when ordering a standard size, such as – sleeve length, bust size, body length, or length of the whole dress. I find that sometimes smaller brides worry that they will lose detailing in the dress when they are shortened, and taller brides concern that they will not be able to wear heels, made to measure can make you forget such doubts! Aside from such precision in measurements, custom-made wedding dress making considers elements such as an exact number of stitches, buttons and crystals needed to bring the look together, it can be said that no detail goes overlooked.

More so, made to measure can help us enhance your shape and body type, highlighting your best features, ensuring nothing is too tight or too loose, allowing you not only to pose confidently in front of your photographer but to enjoy your meal, party and dancing without any restrictions due to fit of the dress. Creating your own unique bridal dress also means the whole process is completed within our boutique in Edinburgh.

Bespoke bridal gowns go even further than just providing a streamlined look. Extra attention is geared towards the fabrics used. We will ensure that the chosen materials are suited to the season as well as your wedding venue, for example; opting for lighter fabrics for you ladies who are getting married under the sun!

Just as importantly, we think it’s essential for the dress to reflect your personality. Having an influence on the process will add to the bridal experience. The personal touches you can add are endless; whether you want to add pockets, extra beading, experiment with colours, we are always open to any ideas you may have! This will also make sure you love every part of the dress, as anything you have hesitation about can be altered to suit the desired look.

We know that finding ‘the one’ can sometimes be challenging, especially when there is so many elements to consider, and so many dresses out there. Custom made designing allows the wedding dress world to become your oyster, making the journey all the more exciting!