Wedding dress sample sale

As winter dawns upon us, it’s always a sign that the sales are coming to an end in shops, BUT not in La Novia! We are happy to announce that we have a sale just around the corner… 6th-7th of October from 12-4pm, save the date!

La Novia sale gives you brides the opportunity to purchase high-quality wedding dresses at a great price. This is also an ideal opportunity for any brides who are more pushed for time to find their bridal gown – as the dress on the rail is yours. We can, of course, do any potential alterations inside the shop, or you can take the dress away with you on the day – the option is yours. Just to give you an idea of what styles we will be offering, the answer is; all kinds and in a variety of different sizes! Whether you are looking for A-line skirts, fishtail styles, sparkles, vintage lace, we are sure we will be able to help you find the one. Alongside this, we will also have a number of accessories on offer, meaning you can go away with the whole bridal package.

We think it’s important to clarify any negative associations on purchasing a sale dress, more specifically, in regards to people questioning the potential quality, sizing or just general idea of having a sale dress. Sale dress or not, we are firm believers of only providing gowns that are in the best condition. The range of gowns available are a mix of older collections, sizes that we don’t need anymore. We are constantly creating new designs and ideas – as much as we would love to – we simply don’t have the space to keep so many dresses in our Edinburgh boutique!

Just in case you need any more tempting into joining us on our sale weekend, I want to outline some of the particular dresses and their fabulous reductions…

Holly, Liliana Dabic (£1950 now £990 )

Stella York 6369 (£999 now £699)

Evelyn, Liliana Dabic ( £1890 now £1200)

Clementina, Liliana Dabic (£2400 now £1700)

6386 Stella York (£1099 now £599)

Taking into consideration the expense that weddings can be, purchasing a sale dress may also allow you to splash out in other wedding planning areas. So get your appointment booked ASAP as there are limited spaces available – we promise it will be a fun weekend, and who knows, you could end up saying yes to the dress.