A love letter to weight worried brides

It’s time for a bit of bridal self- love… recently I have noticed a significant amount of brides putting themselves down about ‘not being wedding dress ready’/ struggling to find anything that suits their body shape/ weight gain/ weight loss/ bridal guests putting them down during appointments… this needs to stop! Wedding dress shopping should be a once in a lifetime experience which should not be ruined or disrupted by any of the above!

At La Novia, we are passionate about helping you find something that will suit YOU perfectly, fit your wedding theme and make you feel truly special… we know that these normal insecurities exist but trust us (the bridal experts – wink, wink) that 9/10 times we will be able to find something perfect, leaving you smiling and wanting to walk out the shop with your dress on. Here is one of our favourite dresses which we find suit almost all body shapes, the perfect balance of bridal and chic.

Oscar by Liliana Dabic is on one of our custom-made golden oldies. The V shape front and V back is very flattering for both girls with bigger or smaller bust size- this top allows you to embrace your bust regardless of size! The lace detail on the top is made with just the right amount of embroidery, providing a balance between tradition without being over the top. Being a made to measure gown gives you the freedom to add more detail, sparkle or heavier lace if you wish, it also means you will get the exact support you need.

The simple but staple detail of this dress is the wide satin belt stitched around the waistline, this is lined with a boning acting as a built-in corset. This magic touch cinches in your waist and keeps your posture upright. The skirt of the gown is similar to our magnificent Marianna dress, A-line shape made in satin silk material. The fullness of the skirt creates a perfect proportion to the fitted top, the sweep train is also a very manageable size and can be pinned up in the evening. The dress can be finished off with either a corset tie up back or a zip and satin buttons.

Whatever bridal stage you are at La Novia is here to help you find the one, in order to book your bridal appointment phone us at 0131 558 9613.