Chloe bridal dress by Liliana Dabic

Date posted: April 19, 2014 Author: admin

It is Easter weekend and the sun is out. What more could you ask for, perhaps a new La Novia blog post to read while you relax? This month our Chloe gown takes centre stage, recently featured at an event in Ernest Jones on Princes Street, this gown is the pinnacle of simplistic elegance.


Perfect for a modern bride, it is very reminiscent of the 1920s. This dress is breathtakingly minimal, the sleek design works so well as the skirt is biased cut. This allows the gown to mould to a brides figure without being restrictive. A free flowing train gives the dress a little bit of drama-needed for such a special occasion. As the front is so plain the back of this gown is the ‘jaw-dropper’ so to speak. With only a layer of fine tulle as a back panel, this holds the straps of the gown in place but gives the illusion of a fully exposed back, just enough but not too much. The asymmetric detail is understated yet still causes maximum impact. The hand stitched lace adds a bit of romance, balanced out with a cowl drape at the opposite side, this adds a bit of glamour. As I already mentioned this dress is very nostalgic with a 1920s feel. For those brides seeking out a vintage twist to their day I would highly recommend this style for you. This dress would not go amiss at a party at Gatsby’s. This gown is so simple, which allows a bride to have full reign on how she would style it. It is a blank canvas and enables a bride to put her own stamp on it. It is a very grown up dress, without fuss and is extremely graceful.

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