Novia [naw-vyah; English noh-vee-uh]
Fiancée or bride

At La Novia we feel a strong connection to Spain and its influence over design on numerous platforms. For many years we have stocked Pronovias designs. Pronovias was founded in Barcelona over 50 years ago and is now the worldwide leader of the bridal industry. Their designs are influenced by Spanish culture and its love of lace, embroidery and high-quality silk fabrics. Most recently we have introduced Spanish bridal designer Miquel Suay. Born in Valencia his main focus is quality and innovation.

To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Hispanic Festival, Edinburgh we are showcasing H I L A N D E R A by Julio Campos.

London based artist Julio Campos presents his first solo Thread Portals exhibition entitled ‘HILANDERA’ at the G3 Depot, Edinburgh. Featuring a site specific woven thread cone sculpture measuring over three meters high that will grow throughout the week of the show, creating a dramatic multi dimensional experience.

The original Thread Portal series of embroidered thread canvases will be exhibited alongside other artwork. Julio’s work draws inspiration from both Scottish and Spanish references including the work of Scottish Thinker Maryel Gardyne and the Spanish 17th century master painter Diego Velazquez. His works draws the viewer in, inviting them to open their minds to differ.


H I L A N D E R A 14–21 October 2014
Venue: G3 Depot, Gayfield creative spaces
Address: 11 Gayfield Square, Edinburgh EH1 3NT
Exhibition Opening: Tuesday 14th October, 6-10pm
Opening times: Mon-Sun 11am–7pm
Live streaming from G3 Depot, Gayfield creative spaces,
Edinburgh from Sunday 12-22 October 11am-7pm