Oscar Lili & La Novia Bridal Accessories

Both in La Novia and our sister bridal boutique Oscar Lili we pride ourselves in providing bridal wear that is contemporary and fashion-forward (as well as our traditional, classic dresses obviously!) the past couple of blog posts have dedicated a lot of attention to these latest looks and designs. However, we know that the wedding gown itself is not the only important thing, that’s why its time to devote this blog post to the wonderful world of accessories!

Accessories do a wonderful job of adding an extra touch of magic to the big day. More so, they can allow you to have two separate looks without having to change your dress- day time marriage look VS evening party- how ideal! Everyone knows the impact that a statement piece of jewellery or a belt can add to your everyday look, well the same applies for your wedding dress however you have so much more to choose from.

First up, one of the most bridal accessories a bride can have- the veil. Who would have thought a veil could become so versatile? Bespoke made to suit your dress and fit the theme and venue of the wedding. We, of course, have classic long simple veils made to match the length of your train, these look beautiful, elegant and you just can’t really go wrong. If you are looking for something a bit extra, why not go for a veil with a satin edge to match your dress, or a veil with Swarovski crystals hand stitched all over making you glisten down the aisle. Lace lovers, we have a range of veils with different amount of French or vintage lace embroiled into the veil or around the edging. If a long veil seems like a bit of a daunting thought, short or three quarter length veils are just as fabulous- bringing that bridal touch without having to go full out. Our veils can be either single or double tear, giving you the option of having it over your face if you wish.

If you are looking for a more quirky or alternative accessory, then the birdcage is for you. These are super fashionable and can really look spectacular. Birdcages are so great because apart from being easy to wear, they are so chic allowing you to have a head accessory that doesn’t have to be traditional. Our birdcages can be made very simple with a few flowers and a discrete net over your face, or you can go for the full blown-out look with flowers, sparkle and multiple layers of voluminous netting. Birdcages can be completely ivory or if you are feeling a little more daring we have some with touches of black detail
or we could create one from scratch in another colour. If birdcages don’t sound like your thing, don’t worry we also have some stunning diamante tiaras and headbands.

Belts, these are just a wonderful invention- this simple accessory can go so far. It is safe to say our belt selection is extensive; sparkles, pearls, flowers, beads, lace- you name it we have it, and if we don’t, we will be sure to create it. Belts can do so much more than the classic job of magically cinching in your waist, they can break up the top and bottom half of your gown, provide your dress with more structure, help create an illusion of curves or extenuate an hourglass figure.

Jewellery- without doubt one of the most important parts of a bridal look. What jewellery to go for is heavily dependent on your dress and style, open necks or sweetheart necklines allow you to focus on a necklace, whereas a high neck may lead you to think more about wearing statement earrings. For the open back brides, we have some amazing back jewellery available. Whatever you are looking for we have a diverse collection to choose from, ranging from more minimal simple earrings to extravagant more embellished pieces.