Pre-wedding prep: the skincare regime

Whether you are overwhelmed from days of wedding dress shopping, or perhaps anticipating your dress-to-be’s arrival at our boutique, we thought we’d divert your attention for just a second to get you thinking about your pre-wedding prep. Specifically, the all important skincare regime!

You may be blessed with a naturally flawless complexion, but Autumn is here and we feel like everyone might feel like a little skin pick-me-up. Here at La Novia, we are huge fans of Arbonne skincare. If you haven’t heard of Arbonne, it is a premium health and beauty brand which uses all pure, botanically based ingredients; it’s vegan, cruelty-free and clinically tested. Plus it will have you glowing – what more could you ask for?

We’ve picked a few of our favourite products to kick start you on your way to looking absolutely radiant and photo-ready, so you’ll have that boost of confidence on your big day.

So.. starting with a good cleanser is the most important step when it comes to caring for your skin. Cleaning the skin thoroughly before adding anything else will ensure that your products will be absorbed into the skin and work more effectively. You will be able to use your products sparingly so they will last you. Our favourite here at La Novia is the RE9 Advanced Brightening Cleansing Foam, it’s foamy texture gets rid of any make-up and impurities and leaves your skin feeling tightened and luminous. Great start!

If you feel like you need a deeper cleanse then a great product to add in once daily or just a few times a week is the RE9 Advanced Prep-work Cleansing Polish. It is a lovely refreshing exfoliator which contains pea protein, antioxidant vitamin E and fine ground apricot seeds to get rid of dull, dead skin cells and soften the skin tone. It’s gentle to the skin and will give you an instantly refreshed complexion.

Next, the RE9 Advanced Regenerating Toner is a must-have! It contains natural witch hazel and brown algae extract and comes in a handy spray bottle to deliver a dreamy mist over the skin which will have you feeling revitalized. A toner is great as it will shrink the pores and the appearance of fine lines. This product can be used throughout the day when you’re on the go; even over your make-up for a boost of moisture and brightness. We think this is an essential for your wedding day too, great for a refreshing spritz when you’re working up a heat from dancing the night away.

For moisture and radiance by day we suggest RE9 Advanced Restorative Cream SPF 15. With hyularonic acid, vitamin C and added Collagen this is a skin saviour which replenishes moisture and firms and plumps the skin for a youthful glow. The added SPF protects from sun damage and is essential for a sunny wedding day where you will be outdoors for longer periods, or for cushioning the skin on colder, windy days.

After a long day of wedding planning you deserve some beauty sleep and the RE9 Advanced Prep-work Overnight Face Jelly is essentially that in a bottle. It’s a gorgeous light gel texture which gives instant hydration, and the super-food ingredients work into dry, tired skin overnight resulting in you waking up looking fresh and your face feeling “baby soft”. That’s one reason for a good nights sleep!

For fabulous skin, creating a consistent routine is key and who doesn’t want to treat themselves to some luxurious self-care? All Arbonne products are available to order at the La Novia boutique, get in touch and ask our stylists for more information on orders and samples.