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We are frequently asked the same questions by brides to be, so decided it would be helpful to create a La Novia guide, aiming to make your journey of finding your dream dress that little bit easier.

• Before you come to your first consultation with us, it is important to work out what kind of bride you would like to be, for example are you opting for a modern or traditional look. Browse through wedding magazines and pull out pictures. Have a look at hairstyles, flowers and colour schemes, these will all help create and build an idea, helping you to start your journey.

• We recommend you start searching for your dream gown 8-12 months before your wedding date. This is an ideal time frame as it gives you enough time to carry out your search and eases pressure, preventing you from making any rash decisions.

• Choose your appointments wisely. Are we the right store for you? We advise you research what designers we carry, as well as exploring our couture range, designed by our owner Liliana Dabic. It is important to identify our price point so you can work to your budget.

• At La Novia we suggest brides do not bring too many people with them. Too many people cause unnecessary stress and clash of opinion is common. Bring a couple of people who you trust. Their opinion is valuable to you.

• Our store manages 3 appointments per hour. We prefer if brides-to-be do not bring children or push-chairs with them, especially on weekends when we are exceptionally busy. On a Saturday we limit the number of each party, to a maximum of 4 this includes the bride-to-be. We believe this creates a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

• At your first appointment talk openly about the parts of your body that you’re self- conscious about, equally talk about the parts you do like. This helps our consultants to have a better idea when selecting styles for you.

• Do not be afraid to experiment with different shapes and silhouettes at your consultation, especially if we are the first store you are going to visit. It’s a great way to establish the best style for you and your figure.

• At La Novia our ready-to-wear collection prices range from £800 to £2,500. Liliana Dabic couture designs range from £1,500 to £3,500. If you wish to have a bespoke, custom made design, prices are available on request. Please note we have seasonal sale days, if you wish to be informed of these days follow us on facebook or sign up to our newsletter, located at the bottom of this page.

• We recommend you do not try on dresses over budget. Even though it may seem a fun idea. It’s not helpful for you or for us. It can lead to major disappointment if you find the dress of your dreams but it is out with your price range.

• Light makeup is requested. As our dresses are light colours, makeup transfer can ruin the garments.

• Good underwear is another tip which allows for a better trying on experience. Light colour, seamless underwear works best. Strapless bras can also be effective, particularly when trying our strapless gowns. A member of our staff will help you in and out of the gown, to guarantee it looks its best. Customers are welcome to bring their own shoes to try with the gowns but we do have our own.

• Once we help you find the dress, you will know as soon as you have it on. Our aim is to make you feel incredible. If you feel wonderful, the day will be made even better. This is your special day.

• Finally remain calm and enjoy your time with us at La Novia. We believe purchasing your wedding dress should be one of the greatest experiences of your life.

• Once you have chosen your dress and are placing an order, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required. The remaining balance is to be paid on the arrival of the dress to our store for our ready-to-wear collection and for Liliana Dabic couture on the 1st fitting of the gown, usually 3-4 weeks before your wedding.

• At La Novia we prefer if photographs are not taken, especially on mobile phones. They do not do our dresses justice, as they are taken in bad lighting and are poor quality. We believe if a dress is the one, it will be memorable.

Please do not hesitate to email us with any further questions or queries you may have. You can contact us at:

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