Interview with Liliana Dabic

What is the business book you recommend that everyone should read?
There is no book that can tell you what to do it is intuition and self belief, with a clear goal in your head. Allow yourself to make mistakes but learn from them.

What do you think are your business strengths and weaknesses?
Being foreign is a strength but also a weakness! The strength is bringing a continental feel to my designs and way of selling but the weakness is the language barrier even though I am fluent in English.

What was the defining moment on your career path that has got you where you are now?
Loosing my previous job about 15 years ago. This gave me the drive to start out on my own.

How do you spend your spare time?
Relaxing at the moment because we are so busy but I do love to spend my spare time being creative and making beautiful bridal jewellery.

Do you think you achieve a good work/life balance?
Not at the moment. Recently moving premises was stressful and we are still putting the final touches to the shop. I am slowly getting back to normal though.

What makes Edinburgh the best location for you to live and/or work?
The architecture and size. It is a beautiful city but also small enough to have easy access to get out into the countryside.

What is your special area of Edinburgh, or special place in Edinburgh and why?
Morningside. This is where I live and I love the greenery around that area.

What would you consider the pinnacle of your career?
Exhibiting in the London Wedding Exhibition and realising my designs are recognised nationwide. I want to eventually start mass producing my designs internationally.

Describe your typical day.
The first thing I do is go to my second shop, Dressmaking Studio 2 (which is where our dresses are actually made) in Comiston to see the girls there and talk them through the plan for the day; whether new designs need to be made up, veils to be made or alterations to be done.
Then I head to Queen Street and go through the diary for the days appointments. Once I get the daily paperwork out of the way I can help the girls with dress appointments and fittings. I still love to work in the shop and see my designs looking beautiful on our brides!