Eco-Friendly Bridal Fabrics

Now in 2020, it is more important than ever to make conscious choices when it comes to clothing. Wedding dresses are no exception. Here at La Novia, we think about the material we use for our designs so that we create as little waste as possible.

We make sure to always be responsible with the choices we make, and use all of the fabric. For instance, any fabric not used in our dresses we use to make our Bridal masks (CouturebyLilianaCo on Etsy) so that nothing goes to waste. This is great as well as this means you can have an entirely matching outfit!

We also take great care in re-designing sample gowns, so as not to completely start from the beginning. This gives the dress a completely new life, and hopefully a new owner.

By using better materials, this, in turn, increases the quality which makes the dresses look and feel more luxurious. For example, silk has a low environmental impact and is completely biodegradable. At La Novia we do want our designs to stand out and be sustainable, so using high-quality fabrics ensures high standards.

Lace is a big part of our designs, from our boleros to accents on dresses. By incorporating it into each aspect of the designs we want to make sure that there it is used as effectively as possible.

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