Dress of the week – Stella York 6581

‘I’m only going to have one wedding dress, I want to go all out, making me feel like a princess without being too much…’ – many of our past brides come to La Novia saying exactly these words. If any of you ladies reading feel identified, I have a dress in mind – Stella York 6581.

Although some of you may not have thought this was impossible; Stella York 6581 is the perfect balance between simplicity whilst being a ball gown style. The A-line shape is very classic, but by having the skirt made of a tulle material adds a contemporary feel, this also providing a contrast to the stylish satin top.

Anything V-shaped – back, front, neckline – is an absolute yes from us. It is the perfect middle ground between strapless and being fully covered. The straps provide both support and detail, the incredible plunge neckline both at the front and back keeps this traditional style of dress remaining modern yet elegant. The nude tulle found on the dress – front and the cut-out sides – will ensure you are secure all day long – something which is often brides first doubt when they hear the description ‘plunge’. Thankfully Stella York have added this tulle detail which makes a big difference.

Moving onto the skirt; a combination of the material, volume and movement of the tulle will bring a buzz to your gown. It effortlessly brings a striking touch, enhancing your silhouette as your waist will be clinched right in, this illusion is further created by the simple detachable belt. As this belt is optional, it allows you to also opt for a more detailed or beaded waistband. The train of the skirt finishes this dress off perfectly, adding an opulent touch yet at a manageable size, ideal for most wedding venues. The zip fastening which is covered by satin buttons makes the job all the more easy for you (and your bridesmaids) on the day… always a bonus!

Stella York 6581 is a timeless bridal dress, meaning that without a doubt all your guests will fall in love with it. The beauty lies in the simplicity, as the saying goes, sometimes less is more. With this said, you, of course, have the option to jazz it up with accessories or headpieces if you wish. Flattering, clean-cut and classic, with Stella York 6581 you can’t go wrong.

Bridal Accessories at La Novia

‘Accessories are like vitamins to fashion’- I happened to come across this quote last week when I was searching for some inspiration for future bridal blogs and I thought how accurate! Although of course the wedding dress can be said to be the main focus of the day, bridal accessories allow you to add that extra je ne sais quois.

The world of accessories is ever expanding, and we at La Novia want you to be able to have a taste of all the latest options during your bridal consultation. Whether you are in the search for a veil, birdcage, headpiece, tiara, earrings, necklaces, back jewellery…the list goes on, we will help you find something suited. As there are so many accessories out there, I have decided to focus attention on a few which are either generally very popular or up and coming.

Starting off with the classic headpiece – our beloved veil, it just never gets old, 9/10 times during fittings when the veil goes on is when the tears start rolling. Veils add the final bridal touch, there is sometimes hesitation over whether veils are considered too traditional, although we make ones that cover your face, or have vintage lace edging all the way round, they do not all follow this style. We make veils with Swarovski crystals – either throughout or just on the edging – satin edged veils, curly-edged veils, plain veils…these also all come in different lengths, and are either single or double layered. Want a more opulent train, you can have it, chasing something that’s the exact same length of the dress, it can also be made yours.

Moving onto perhaps a more contemporary/ quirky headpiece- we have the birdcage. They are super fun and add a modern twist of elegance to your look. As they are custom made, you can wear them to create a statement, by for example incorporating boulder flowers or a net to fall over your face, or we can style something more discreet in order to complement the dress without being too overpowering. Birdcages also allow you to play around with colours if you wanted to jazz up an ivory gown.

The variety of bridal accessories you can add to compliment your gown not only tie the whole look together but also allow you to showcase your personality and stick with any themes you may want in your wedding. Once you have chosen your dress, you can finally sigh with relief (and happiness) so the accessorising stage is just about the final touches….exciting!

Why should you get a made to measure wedding dress

Why should you get a made to measure wedding dress? Luxury, quality, perfect fit, comfort, exclusivity – when I ask real brides what they are looking for when searching for their gown, these words tend to come up the most. A bespoke dress will secure a tick beside all these words (and more).

Let’s be honest, most wedding dresses are beautiful in their own way, but what will make you stand out and feel 10/10 is having something that is the exact fit and perfect cut, allowing you to wear the dress – not the other way round.

At La Novia, we know that standard sizes do not fit all brides-to-be the same way, two women can have completely different body shapes yet still both be a size 12, starting a dress from scratch means every centimetre is scrutinised to only fit you. Having your bridal dress made by a designer who specialises in couture, will guarantee perfection in specific areas that otherwise may go unnoticed when ordering a standard size, such as – sleeve length, bust size, body length, or length of the whole dress. I find that sometimes smaller brides worry that they will lose detailing in the dress when they are shortened, and taller brides concern that they will not be able to wear heels, made to measure can make you forget such doubts! Aside from such precision in measurements, custom-made wedding dress making considers elements such as an exact number of stitches, buttons and crystals needed to bring the look together, it can be said that no detail goes overlooked.

More so, made to measure can help us enhance your shape and body type, highlighting your best features, ensuring nothing is too tight or too loose, allowing you not only to pose confidently in front of your photographer but to enjoy your meal, party and dancing without any restrictions due to fit of the dress. Creating your own unique bridal dress also means the whole process is completed within our boutique in Edinburgh.

Bespoke bridal gowns go even further than just providing a streamlined look. Extra attention is geared towards the fabrics used. We will ensure that the chosen materials are suited to the season as well as your wedding venue, for example; opting for lighter fabrics for you ladies who are getting married under the sun!

Just as importantly, we think it’s essential for the dress to reflect your personality. Having an influence on the process will add to the bridal experience. The personal touches you can add are endless; whether you want to add pockets, extra beading, experiment with colours, we are always open to any ideas you may have! This will also make sure you love every part of the dress, as anything you have hesitation about can be altered to suit the desired look.

We know that finding ‘the one’ can sometimes be challenging, especially when there is so many elements to consider, and so many dresses out there. Custom made designing allows the wedding dress world to become your oyster, making the journey all the more exciting!

Wedding dress of the week – Stella York 6534

As some of you may have seen on previous blog posts our main ready wear collection comes from the Australian bridal designer Stella York. There’s a big variety of her gowns in our Edinburgh showroom, as we think her designs offer a bridal style for everyone – from a more traditional lace look or bohemian chic to beaded galore…you name it!

Due to having such a versatile Stella York collection, I have decided to dedicate this blog post to the dress of the week – Stella York 6534. We have noticed that this style is becoming very up and coming and popular with our brides, I mean no wonder!

For those of you who are looking for a more modern, effortless but elegant look, this one is for you. The key lies in that it is the perfect combination of everything that makes us go WOW, the gorgeous crepe material is very complimentary to the body, enhancing curves whilst still remaining classy. The rounded high neckline sits just below the collar bones, this small detail makes a big difference, especially for brides who are not used to wearing high-necked clothing and tend to shy away from it in case of it causing discomfort. In addition to this, the front provides a dramatic contrast to the breathtaking back…

This scooped V-shaped backless look is guaranteed to be an absolute show stopper, leaving your guests in awe as you walk down the aisle. It cannot be denied that it also adds a sexy touch to your look without being too much, even for those of you who are going for a more traditional church wedding.

What will make you twinkle and shimmer throughout the day is the embellished lace detail on the straps, back and cut out sides of the dress. Although this mainly features on the back, we love that this beaded lace creeps around the front making the dress flow together and meaning the front is not completely plain. Having satin buttons all the way down the dress adds the final touch of elegance, running into the train- which is the perfect size, creating a statement but being manageable at the same time.

To top it all off, this bridal gown still lets you play with accessories and veils, whether you opt for a classic look with for example a long veil, or prefer to focus on jewellery and incorporating statement pieces to match the beading, the final touches are in your hands.

If you are about to start / in the hunt for ‘the one’, come and try the Stella York 6534! Call us on 0131 558 9613 or drop us an email at info@lanovia.co.uk to book your appointment.

Meet the Maker

As some of you may have seen we had the honour to feature in last months edition of Tie the Knot Scotland, where we offered its readers a sneak peek into the world of wedding dress making at La Novia. This journey which starts from ideas, sketches and patterns and ends in the creation of made to measure dresses is what we are so passionate about.

At La Novia, we understand that choosing a bridal gown is not like your usual shopping day out- it is important to find something unique, that matches your personality and is well… perfect in every way possible! This is what we strive to achieve with our custom made collection.

During our bridal consultations we like to hear all the details- colours, venue, flowers- of the big day, so we can try and guide you in the direction of finding a wedding dress that will fit the bill, with this said, it is you lovely brides who are our biggest inspiration. Once the style of dress is chosen, we love to hear any additional ideas you may have – whether this is changing the neckline, adding sleeves, playing about with fabrics – the options are endless, we want you to be 100% happy before saying yes to the dress.

Often I come across brides who start off apprehensive about choosing certain styles – such as strapless dresses – in case they might not be supportive enough. However, by creating a dress tailored to all your specific measurements we can promise that it will fit like a glove. Attention to detail is key and we can guarantee this by not only giving brides the chance to meet the designer herself but through having our own in-house pattern-cutter, seamstress and embroider- we are with you every step of the way. Having a bespoke dress enables you, brides, to become part of the design process, guaranteeing an individual look.

We aim to make the process at La Novia as personal as possible, our bridalwear designer Liliana Dabic believes it is important to build a relationship with her customers, reassuring brides on any doubts or queries they may have concerning their future dress. We want the experience to be fun and something you look forward to coming to as much as we do! Generally, after two fittings in our Edinburgh boutique, and countless hours of work, your dress will be ready to take away..eeeek, we try and make the fittings as close to your wedding day as possible to make sure you will be looking perfect!

For us there is nothing more rewarding than seeing real brides wearing our dresses – it’s so satisfying knowing that we have been able to play a part towards what is one of the most important days in your life. To all our past brides, we have loved seeing all your gorgeous photos, future brides, we look forward to meeting you and bringing your dream dress to life!

Psst… You can read the full article featured in Tie the Knot Scotland:

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Celebrate your curves!

We are delighted to offer 15% off our stunning selection of plus size dresses. Book your appointment between Friday the 11th and Sunday the 13th of May to take advantage of this exclusive offer. Celebrate your curves!

Pssst! Here are a few of our plus size favourites:

Call us on 0131 558 9613 or drop us a mail at info@lanovia.co.uk to book your place.

New Stella York collection just arrived!

Hello all you beautiful brides to be,

At La Novia we have a very exciting new collection launched in store. This was brought to us by the wonderful ready wear designer Stella York. With a wonderful variety of shapes, fabric and lace combinations you ladies will be stumped for choice with what this new collection offers!

Love Stella York, keep reading to find a few of our new wedding dresses.

A wonderful elegant bridal gown made up with panels creating a very sleek cut and timeless feel that we just cannot get enough of. From the fitted bodice to the fuller skirt, creating a modern twist on a classic fish tale gown. Starting off with a beautifully cut boat neckline leading into a low V back. Catching your eye from the back you have covered buttons going all the way down your dress, finishing at the end of your train. Keeping your guests gasping as you walk down the aisle. This wedding dress also comes with a belt if you want to add that bit of sparkle to your big day. A beautifully beaded belt with pearls and gems is the perfect combination piece.

Looking for a fuller fish tale dress? The Stella York 6427 could be the one. Sweetheart neckline with scalloped edging flowing into the illusion lace front. A delicate lace running along to create a beautiful boat neckline leading into an illusion lace back. Slightly off the shoulder sleeves made up of illusion lacing creates a perfect start to a wonderful silhouette. From a full lace bodice made up of beaded and non-beaded lace, disappearing into lace appliqués on the skirt and train. Are you brides intrigued yet?

Who loves a high neck? Within our new collection, we have added this high neck beauty 6404. Made up of a heavy crepe this fish tale gown is remarkably soft, giving you brides to be the best figure you could ask for. Illusion lace is in and we are loving it! With a high illusion lace neckline, following onto a full illusion lace back with covered buttons going from head to toe. Little straps are made up of the lace continuing that soft and delicate feel the gown gives off. Beaded lace bodice adding detail to this fish tale wonder. If you aren’t impressed by this dress yet then the train will blow you away. The train has been made with a sheer lace panel and scallop edging to give the wedding dress even more of a wow factor.

Something more detailed maybe? Stella York 6343 could be the one. A fitted bodice leading into the soft flow of a fishtail skirt. An allover lace fading into appliqués on the skirt, some beaded and some non-beaded. Thin lace straps with a scalloped edge soften the sweetheart neckline. On the back, you are struck by an illusion lace with cutouts. With the pearl buttons, you are looking at a modern illusion lace back. Cutouts creating a sexy vibe. This wedding dress has a full train, surrounded by the lace scalloped edge trim. Perfect for the wedding photographs!

The perfect summer gown 6365. With a choice of sparkle or without this dress can be personalised for you. Soft chiffon A-line dress with little cap sleeves is perfect for you brides who want a more relaxed vibe. While being relaxed this dress has a lot to offer. Illusion lace front and back with scalloped edging, a discrete sweetheart with a boat neckline made from the illusion lace, covered buttons, and a soft a delicate train. After a bit more sparkle? Why not add a thin belt and change the look of the dress?

Stella York 6303 is a ball gown. With the fuller skirt, you ladies will not be missing out on the details. Illusion lace on the front and back giving the dress little cap sleeves. A sweetheart neckline is introduced by the illusion lace. With the lace having scalloped edging it creates a softer feel. Appliqués making there way down the skirt continues the overall flow of the dress. A little sparkly belt is attached to the dress creating a focal point at the waist making your figure amazing.

Are you loving the new Stella York collection as much as we do?

Call us on 0131 558 9613 or drop us a mail at info@lanovia.co.uk to try on your favourite dresses.


We have some pretty exciting news for you. Due to challenging weather conditions we had last week in Edinburgh, we have decided to extend our sale.

The La Novia SAMPLE SALE reopens on Friday 9th and will end on Sunday 11th of March.

Walk-ins between 10am and 4pm are welcome but we are taking bookings. A booking guarantees a fitting room space but we will also have a shared changing area on the day.

Call us on 0131 558 9613 or drop us a mail at info@lanovia.co.uk to book your place.

Pssst! Here are a few of our sample sale favourites:





Quick tips to make your La Novia Weekend Sample Sale a success

Brides, get your diaries out! We are hosting a fabulous bridal sample sale weekend event.

It’s a wonderful opportunity to find that dream designer dress at a fraction of a price. But as with any sample sale, there are some things to keep in mind to make sure you find ‘the love at first sight’.

Before embarking on your hunt for your sale dress, it’s helpful to know what kind of look you’re after. A sample sale is not the best place if it is your first experience of trying on wedding dresses. Do some research on styles, designers and make sure to try on various styles. This will help you get an idea of what shape and style suit your figure best.

Remember that sizing “doesn’t” matter. In most cases, the dress can be altered 1-2 sizes down. If you think you have found ‘the one’ that ticks all your boxes but requires a few tweaks to make it that little bit more personal to you, our highly skilled dressmakers will happily re-style it or alter it for you. Remember it’s much easier to make a dress smaller than to go up in size.

Finally, make sure to book your appointment. A booking guarantees a fitting room space but we will also have a shared changing area on the day. You can call us on 0131 556 3445 or send us an email at info@lanovia.co.uk.

Friday 2nd – Sunday 4th of March 2018

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