Julio Campos

A graduate in Fine Art from Complutense University, Madrid, Julio Campos has also studied at Edinburgh College of Art and Anglia University. During this time he developed his ‘Powder Art’ concept followed by his first solo art performance, ‘Out of Me’ both of which were the founding inspiration for Thread Portals.

In 2000, following various private commissions he moved to Edinburgh where he completed various projects including set designs and graphic art works. He also collaborated in the creation of a university master class dealing with the ‘Process of Creativity’.

A commission in 2003 to create the illustrations for a new book by Maryel Gardyne entitled ‘The Atom and the Octave’ helped to put concisely into words the theories that he had been intuitively trying to represent in his previous work. These ideas have been developed further in the current Thread Portal works. He will be projecting a selection of his latest Thread Portal prints as an animated projection as part of La Novia vision for Edinburgh Festival 2014.

A hypnotic animated selection of Thread Portals’ prints projection as part of La Novia vision for Edinburgh Festival closure 2014.

31st August 2014
from 7pm – 7am
6 York Buildings, Queen Street
Edinburgh EH2 1HY, SCOTLAND